Thanks for visiting my site. My name is John Foley, I'm a New York based Maya 3D Generalist. In the past couple years I've worked with design and event companies, as well as two technology start-ups. As soon as possible I want to work in film and advertising with a Visual Effects studio here in New York. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Art & Design at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. During my short four years there I studied a range of creative mediums, but I have always been most passionate about 3D modeling and Digital Production. In my free time I enjoy growing bonsai trees, as well as getting better at writing code. I'm an active SIGGRAPH member, and I go to as many local industry Meetups as possible to expand my network.

Feel free to contact me via email about freelance work, and collaboration. Please note, as a professional artist I do not take unpaid requests.

Learning Progress

Being an Artist is a constantly changing experience. I constantly continue to develop skills, I enjoy learning new ones from time to time too. Based off of a complete understanding of the listed software and languages, here is where I believe I currently stand.


  • 90%
  • Mental Ray Rendering

  • 95%
  • Arnold Rendering

  • 40%
  • VRay Rendering

  • 80%
  • Mudbox

  • 90%
  • Zbrush

  • 40%
  • Cinema 4D

  • 30%
  • Final Cut

  • 70%
  • Premiere

  • 50%
  • Photoshop

  • 60%
  • Illustrator

  • 30%
  • After Effects

  • 70%
  • Python

  • 15%
  • Javascript

  • 25%
  • HTML

  • 60%
  • CSS

  • 70%
  • Unity

  • 5%

  • Inspiration & Favorite Artists

    Ralph McQuarrie

    Landis Fields

    Ash Thorp


    Justin Maller

    David McLeod